[Mediawiki-i18n] Help Finding 3-rd Party MediaWiki Users and Suggestions What to Ask Them

Mariya Nedelcheva Miteva mariya.miteva at gmail.com
Fri Jan 11 11:16:32 UTC 2013

Hi everyone,

My name is Mariya ( User:Mitevam) and I am an intern with WMF for about a
week now. My current project is to compile a list of 3-rd party MediaWiki
users and reach out to them to find out what we can do for them, what they
would like to see in MediaWiki in the future, etc. and also how they could
contribute back. The list I have so far is on my User
I am mostly interested in businesses offering MediaWiki consulting,
hosting, development, training, etc services since they seem more likely to
get involved in the discussion but single MediaWiki wikis are also welcome
if they are active and willing to participate.

I am reaching out to the list for help with the following:

1) If you know of any users that should be included in the list, I would
appreciate any additions. I am sure I did not find all of them.
2) One way to look for 3-rd party users was a web search for keywords such
as  "MediaWiki consultancy", "MediaWiki training", "MediaWiki skin
design", "MediaWiki hosting", "MediaWiki installation", "MediaWiki
support". I have so far done web searches in English, Bulgarian, Spanish
and Russian. I am not 100% confident with my Spanish and Russian searches
and I can not really search in any other language efficiently. If you are a
native or fluent speaker of another language I would be grateful if you
could do a quick search and let me know if you find any major businesses I
might have missed. Some don't have an English version of their website.
Some major languages would be German, French, Japanese, but any is welcome.
3) If you have any questions/topics, which arise in your own work, which
you would like me to bring up to 3-rd party users, please let me know.

Thank you in advance.

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