[Mediawiki-i18n] Translate extension design walkthrough

Pau Giner pginer at wikimedia.org
Tue Feb 26 13:17:19 UTC 2013

The Language Engineering team is in the process of redesigning the Translate
extension <http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:Translate>.
The Translate extension turns MediaWiki into a localisation platform, and
it is used in Meta-Wiki, mediawiki.org and a few other Wikimedia wikis, as
well as other opensource projects, to make them available in multiple

We are planning to do a walkthrough for the latest revision of the designs
Since the extension is used by many different projects and users, we want
to make this meeting open to get feedback from anyone interested.

So we welcome you to join us in the discussion:

*When.* Wednesday 27 of February at 8:30 PST (San Francisco), 16:30 UTC
(UK), 17:30 CET (most of Europe), and 22:00 IST (India).

*What.* During the meeting we'll discuss information from our design
 and the current implementation available at
Feel free to take a look to the docs or try the new UI before the event.

*How* to participate. The event will be broadcasted using Google Hangouts
On Air, so that it can be seen live or accessed later. We'll share the URL
as the event approaches. The #mediawiki-i18n IRC channel will be used to
get questions from the audience.
If you are interested in entering the hangout for a face-to-face
participation, you can ping me and I'll send an invite as long as there are
free seats remaining.


Pau Giner
Interaction Designer
Wikimedia Foundation
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