[Mediawiki-i18n] Truncating a message, enforcing word order

Juliusz Gonera jgonera at wikimedia.org
Thu Dec 12 01:12:28 UTC 2013

If you are in beta on mobile now, there's a new look for the editor. The 
heading of the editor now says "Editing [article name]" in English.

The problem is that designers want this to be always one line long at 
most and truncate it when it's longer. This is fine in English where 
"Editing" is at the beginning, not OK in some languages, e.g. Japanese:

http://tinyurl.com/qftpgy4 (click the pencil icon)

where "editing" ("編集中") is at the end. If we truncate this, it won't 
make much sense.

Should I suggest in the message description that the translators should 
use such a grammatical construction so that the word "editing" stays at 
the beginning? That's what designers suggested.


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