[Mediawiki-i18n] MediaWiki Language Extension Bundle 2013.04 release

Amir E. Aharoni amir.aharoni at mail.huji.ac.il
Tue Apr 30 19:16:30 UTC 2013


I would like to announce the release of MediaWiki language extension
bundle 2013.04

* https://translatewiki.net/mleb/MediaWikiLanguageExtensionBundle-2013.04.tar.bz2
* sha256sum: bd6aca60101308f429d90d421e35093328e7a05ea74d35c05a98474ab648dec4

Quick links:
* Installation instructions are at https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/MLEB
* Announcements of new releases will be posted to a mailing list:
* Report bugs to https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org
* Talk with us at #mediawiki-i18n @ freenode

Release notes for each extension are below.

    Amir E. Aharoni

== Babel ==
Only localisation updates.

== cldr ==
* Update CLDR to 23 and rewrite parser

== CleanChanges ==
No changes.

== LocalisationUpdate ==
No changes.

== Translate ==
=== Highlights ===
Work continued on stabilizing the new Translate UX (TUX) interface.

Specifically, numerous fixes were made to make TUX work correctly in
Microsoft Internet Explorer.

The "message tools menu" was added to give easy access from the
message translation interface to the history of the message and to
translations in all languages (Special:Translations).

Basic file format support was added for Xliff.

Initial work was done to add support for sandboxing - allowing users
to make several test translations before getting full translation
permissions. This is an incomplete experimental feature and it is not
active by default.

=== Noteworthy changes ===
* Removed the hide tab that appeared even though there were no more warnings.
* Messages saying that there is nothing to proofread were clarified.
* Show "Cancel" instead of "Skip" at the last message in the curent view.
* Clicking a suggestion copies the suggestion to the translation field
(previously, a user had to press a link, which was harder).
* Simple paging for translation search results.
* <tvar|> no longer visible on translation pages in source language (bug 46925)
* The bottom toolbar is always shown, even without a scroll.
* When a user modifies a translation, it is no longer proofreadable (bug 46687)
* Numerous minor styling changes.
* RTL fixes for Special:Magic, to ensure cleaner display of magic words
  in right-to-left translations.

== UniversalLanguageSelector ==
=== Highlights ===
Starting  with this release, MLEB is no longer compatible with
MediaWiki 1.19. To use MLEB 2013.04 or later, you must used it
combined with MediWiki 1.20.4 or a later version.

Work began on making the ULS appear in the sidebar rather than at the
top of the page near the personal links menu. This is an incomplete
and experimental feature. It can be tested by setting the variable
$wgULSPosition to 'interlanguage'.

=== Noteworthy changes ===
* Wikimedia Foundation's GeoIP service is now used by default for
detecting the user's location and guessing the suggested language.
* A web font for the Divehi language was added.

Amir Elisha Aharoni · אָמִיר אֱלִישָׁע אַהֲרוֹנִי
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I want to live in peace.” – T. Moore‬

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