[Mediawiki-i18n] I18n deployment 2013-04-30

Niklas Laxström nlaxstrom at wikimedia.org
Tue Apr 30 13:51:44 UTC 2013

Because the script was slower than expected (it took 3 hours for meta
alone) I've postponed the running of this script for wikis other than
mediawiki.org and meta.wikimedia.org until next time. Hundreds if not
thousands of pages were updated.


2013/4/26 Niklas Laxström <nlaxstrom at wikimedia.org>:
> The next i18n deployment window is on Tuesday 2013-04-30 starting at 08:00 UTC.
> For bug 46716 [1] we will run a script refresh-translatable-pages.php
> for all wikis using the Translate extension. It will ensure that all
> translation pages will be up to date. As a side effect, it will also
> remove any fuzzy/outdated translations still left in translation pages
> (many of those have already been removed due to updates triggered by
> translation edits).
> Potential real fix for bug 46716, will get deployed along with
> 1.22wmf3 [2] as well as the fix for bug 47178 [3]. This bug caused a
> lot of unnecessary invalidation of translations, contributing to the
> many complaints about the new way of handling outdated translations.
> See [4].
> [1] https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/46716
> [2] https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/MediaWiki_1.22/Roadmap#Schedule_for_the_deployments
> [3] https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/47178
> [4] https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/44328

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