[Mediawiki-i18n] FYI: Language link behavior change in next MW rollout

Federico Leva (Nemo) nemowiki at gmail.com
Tue Oct 9 21:17:37 UTC 2012

Jon Harald Søby, 08/10/2012 00:11:
> One question about this, and this is probably just hypothetical and not
> a real problem at all, but I think it is worth mentioning still. The
> question is, wouldn't it be better to store /the last/ of the two links
> instead of the first?

Yes, it would probably be better, but only on wikis which put interwikis 
at the bottom.
The previous links can also come from any page transcluded by mistake, 
which is more likely in the bulk of the text.

> I have seen a few times that people have put two
> links to one language because one language has two articles
> corresponding to the first topic, but it is not exactly widespread. What
> I see more often, instead, is that there are two links due to some
> (human) error, namely that someone have tried to add an inline link to
> another language, but forgot the initial colon (so [[de:Test]] instead
> of [[:de:Test]]). Since those errors usually appear in the article text,
> they will be the first occurrence of a link to that language, instead of
> the correct one which is at the bottom of the article.
> However, as I said, this is mostly hypothetical, as neither case is very
> widespread, and both are usually caused by some (human) error or
> misjudgment.



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