[Mediawiki-i18n] CLDR and Names.php

Shervin Afshar shervinafshar at gmail.com
Fri Apr 13 19:22:57 UTC 2012


Two weeks ago Amir submitted a request to the mailing list asking folks to
review the list of language names available in Names.php:


The request was followed up by few issues noticed for Czech, Slovak, and
some other languages. It's obvious that by relying only on available input
from the community, one can not make sure that the rest of the data is
correct. Given this I recommended doing a minimal implementation of CLDR
data. Here's what I wrote to Amir:

I skimmed through the list and haven't seen anything incorrect. I have a
> question though; considering the fact that some of this data is available
> in CLDR, have you ever considered integrating their data and then do a
> fallback? The fallback would definitely be necessary in some cases because
> your list is *way* more extensive than what CLDR currently supports.
> Of course, CLDR specs lets adding new locales easily. So the ideal would
> be to have a seed (with minimal information) for the locales which doesn't
> exists there and are present in MW list. As CLDR is peer reviewed through
> surveys targeted in-country scholars and standard body representatives,
> normally the quality of the data and metadata is very good.
> In the past, there was at least this one extension I know off which was
> facilitating the use of CLDR data on MW:  http://www.mediawiki
> .org/wiki/Extension:CLDR
> Let me know what you think. I'd be happy to help.

I haven't received any feedback from Amir up to now and as I'm not a MW
developer, I'm writing here to ask for your opinion on the matter. The
bottom line is that I can script out something that cross-checks Names.php
values with CLDR entries, but I think it'd better to think about a
long-term solution.

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