[Mediawiki-i18n] Fwd: Re: [Mediawiki-api] is there a way to get the English name of a language?

helix84 helix84 at centrum.sk
Tue Jan 18 15:50:48 UTC 2011

No need to do translations from scratch, since other people already
maintain them:


Look at iso_639 and iso_639_3.


On Tue, Jan 18, 2011 at 16:45, Michael Dale <mdale at wikimedia.org> wrote:
> Small thread on api list about localising languages lists.. I think it would be worth while. I don't think it would be too costly to the translate community, especially if we seeded it from some digital source.
> Do people know of a good source for localised language lists? If nothing else the inter-wiki links on the wikipedia article for each language might be a good start.
> --michael
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> On 01/17/2011 12:52 PM, Roan Kattouw wrote:
> > 2011/1/17 Bryan Tong Minh <bryan.tongminh at gmail.com>:
> >> I looked around, but as far as I can find MediaWiki only has the names
> >> in their native language available.
> >>
> > That's right, the English names aren't stored by MediaWiki. I guess if
> > we did that we'd have to have every language's name in every other
> > language, which would be a huge amount of data (371 languages, so we'd
> > need 371*371=137,641 translations).
> Its not much different from adding an extension with 371 msg keys, we
> have like ~3K msg keys just core no? You could look at as adding 10%
> more messages.
> I would support having localised listing of languages. it would make
> language selection widgets a lot easier to follow. This list could be
> seeded from a digital source relativity easily. What to translate wiki
> folks think?
> --michael
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