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Siebrand Mazeland s.mazeland at xs4all.nl
Thu Dec 15 19:38:57 UTC 2011

Hi Nasir,

Thanks for the feedback! Please report these issues in http://bugzilla.wikimedia.org so we can track them. See inline comments for details.

I also cleaned up the cc list.

Op 15 dec. 2011 om 19:33 heeft Nasir Khan <nasir8891 at gmail.com> het volgende geschreven:

> The WebFonts is a great initiative for the indic wikipedia readers. I have tested this extension for the Bengali wikipedia. I have checked form some of the browsers (Firefox 7 & 8 from windows 7 and XP, Chrome 15.0 -windows 7 and XP, Firefox 7 form Uubntu 11.10) in different machines and in every case i had to face the same problem, that the page loads twice and takes an extra time for each of the pages.

This observation is called FOUT, short for flash of unformatted text. It should be as short as possible, but it is usually there for a tenth of a second. Read more about it on http://paulirish.com/2009/fighting-the-font-face-fout/

> At the very first time the page loads with the system default font and then the whole page became empty and after that the browser shows the content with the selected web font. 
> and the WebFonts did not work with the Android (2.3.6) default browser and in the Opera Mobile browser for android.

This is valuable information. Please create two issue reports and if you can, please also report those issues with the android and opera mobile projects so they can get addressed upstream.
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