[Mediawiki-i18n] FW: Translatewiki newsletter - translatewiki.net turns 6 - Party time!

Siebrand Mazeland s.mazeland at xs4all.nl
Wed Apr 20 11:20:21 UTC 2011

Forwarding the translatewiki.net newsletter for April 2011. Feel free to
join the celebrations! ;)


Subject:  Translatewiki newsletter - translatewiki.net turns 6 - Party time!

This is the http://translatewiki.net e-mail newsletter for April 2011. We
celebrate our six year long history by having a Translation Rally. Join our
latest Translation Rally now
<https://translatewiki.net/wiki/Project:Rally-2011-04> ! The project's
success relies on your continued involvement and enthusiasm.
We are 6 years young!
Translatewiki.net was started as a small addition to a test wiki of Niklas
Laxström. First the project became known as Betawiki until it matured and
became translatewiki.net. We are grateful that our project is hosted for
free and given room to grow by netcup.de <http://netcup.de> . The platform
now supports localisation for 20 free and open source projects with almost
1,000 message groups, has 2,500 translators in over 200 languages. Its users
have made over 3 million edits and contributed close to 2 million
translations for Free and Open Source Software products. According to the
s23 statistics, translatewiki.net is one of the largest independent
MediaWiki installations around.

Thank you all for your all your contributions in the past years. We are
counting on your continued support in the years to come!

Translation Rally: Contribute 500 translations and share in 1,000 Euro
In 2011 we are happy we can once more continue having Translation Rallies.
This time we have an additional sponsor in Wikia <http://wikia.com> , a
collaborative publishing platform that enables communities to discover,
create and share content on any topic in any language, to translatewiki.net
and facilitated by Stichting Open Progress <http://openprogress.org> . We
are very grateful for this wonderful support! The April 2011
translatewiki.net Translation Rally
<http://translatewiki.net/wiki/Project:Rally-2011-04>  starts at 23 April
2011 00:00 UTC and will run until 30 April 2011 24:00 UTC. Check out the
project page for more details.

Let's make this the best Translation Rally ever!
New product support
Translatewiki.net mostly "does stuff" and as an organisation we are
notoriously averse of all things administrative. We hate it. One thing we
like to improve is reaching out regularly to you. We would love to inform
you on a monthly basis of how our community is able to help real users of
real software be more productive, more educated, and more able to get things
done. If you care and have the skills to help us, please let us know. We can
use your help.

Things however do get done:
* Support for Toolserver was added.
* Support for Pywikipedia was added.
* Support for Mifos was added.
* Support for iHRIS was added.
* StatusNet has undergone major changes and is preparing a 1.0 release.
* MediaWiki is preparing a 1.17 release.
* FreeCol has rudimentary support for plural forms.
* Over 100 Wikia extensions for MediaWiki are supported by now.
* In a few weeks we expect to offer support for Encyclopedia of Life.
* Within months, we hope to offer support for Europeana.
If you are a developer of a promising Free and Open Source Software product
and you are looking for a great community to localise your product, please
get in touch with us!
Operational news
In the beginning of March we moved to a brand new server made available to
use by netcup.de, who has been our computing sponsor since 2007. Our current
hosting package will allow us to do whatever we need to support your
continued translation efforts.

More detailed news can be found on our News page
<http://translatewiki.net/wiki/Project:News> . Follow translatewiki on
Twitter <http://twitter.com/translatewiki>  for the latest news.

We welcome feedback about this newsletter. Please let us know by sending a
reply to this mail. We will try to accommodate your wishes.

Finally, of the 3,300 receiving this mail only 2,500 people are registered
as translator. You may want to finish the steps that will get you the status
of translatewiki.net translator.

Siebrand Mazeland
Translatewiki.net staff

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