[Mediawiki-i18n] Fwd: [Translators-l] Dialects like "en-gb" on MediaWiki extensions

Neil Kandalgaonkar neilk at wikimedia.org
Wed Dec 15 11:05:39 UTC 2010

On 12/14/10 11:47 PM, Niklas Laxström wrote:
>> The problem, therefore, is how MediaWiki handles dialects as separate
>> languages, and if it’s not fixed now, it could be a much bigger
>> problem as the usability initiative affects more and more components
>> of the website.
> MediaWiki already handles this [...]
> I assume that Upload Wizard is using mostly JavaScript, which needs
> its own localisation mechanism, which is not yet up to the same level
> as MediaWiki itself.

Yes and no. It *used* to be all Javascript, which had the problems 
Niklas mentions. So I converted it to PHP, in the last few days we had 
before launch, relatively quickly.

If I recall correctly Guillaume Paumier pointed out the issue with the 
dialects and I said we'd get back to it later.

I was also uncertain what the performance effect would be of looking up 
multiple images via InstantCommons. I guess the mapping of a language to 
an available tutorial image needs to be cached.

If there are some people who want to fix it themselves, the file you 
want to modify is this one:


And the method is:


I added a bug here:


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