[Mediawiki-i18n] [Wikitech-l] An update on localisation in MediaWiki

Anders Wegge Jakobsen wegge at wegge.dk
Tue Jan 1 01:13:51 UTC 2008

"Siebrand Mazeland" <s.mazeland at xs4all.nl> writes:

> Hi Wegge.

> Too bad you appear to be not willing to be more specific (my
> interpretation) and enter a dialogue. If you would come to *any*
> platform to address specific your concerns, I am certain that you
> would find that we are *very* open to any concerns.

 So far my experience have been the opposite. But my specific concerns
is *any* commit that you have made, that involves MessagesDa. 

> As I already explained: i18n is for developers, L10n is for
> translators. If you choose to be a developer, why do you choose to
> translate!?

 Because noone else does. In addition to that, My personal tak is that
people without some sort of devleoper skill is very ill-suited to do
neither translation, nor localization. The distinction is in and of
itself bogus.

> Repeating myself: *Localisation or L10n - the process of adapting
> the software to be as familiar as possible to a specific locale
> *Internationalisation or i18n - the process of ensuring that an
> application is capable of adapting to local requirements

 Yes, you already said that once. It's a false premise. 

> Please acknowledge that I do not wish to depreciate your efforts in
> any way. On the contrary: I value *and* appreciate *any*
> contribution to MediaWiki localisation.

 Please acknowledge that I strongly urge you to improve your
communication skills. You just lost mediawiki it's only (at the time
being) translator to Danish.

// Wegge
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