[Mediawiki-i18n] help fixing hardcoded links in message files

Gerard Meijssen gerard.meijssen at gmail.com
Wed Feb 7 10:19:11 UTC 2007

Daniel Arnold schreef:
> On Wednesday 07 February 2007 07:46:12 Jon Harald Søby wrote:
>> Hoi!
>> This has been the standard for a long time; Gangleri was always
>> careful to tell everybody not to do such things (and IMO, it is
>> obiovus that one shouldn't). Is anyone doing this in new messages on
>> BetaWiki?
> I don't know. I never used Betawiki. But all I can tell is that all messages I 
> did look at so far contain such errors. Currently for example I am editing 
> the Danish file and it does contain all types of errors with links.
> Arnomane
Given your current involvement in the i18n I would really advise, even 
urge you to learn about the BetaWiki project. It makes sense because I 
am actively working towards getting the BetaWiki functionality into the 
Incubator. At this moment it still is the best, ie the easiest. way for 
an ordinary person who is not a developer to work on the localisation.

The fact that Gangleri is not active any more is a genuine loss.

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