[Mediawiki-i18n] MediaWiki i18n "call to arms"

Berto 'd Sera albertoserra at ukr.net
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Yes, a basic set would nice to start with. In time they will get to deliver
a complete translation but we must make sure that we deliver at the very
least an usable wiki. I'm afraid it will take more than 100, though.

Basically we should put a native speaker in the condition of being an admin
(categories, orphans, etc) and a user. We hope that the undergoing
experiment with Kabyle (and probably Ingush, too) will lead to define what
communities may need as a "first aid kit". 

Berto 'd Sera
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> Hello, bon jour, guten tag, saluton, etc.

Saluton kaj bonfarton.

> I'd therefore like to rally a call to arms; we need translators!

Probably, we should select basic message set? 50 or 100 most visible
messages first of all to translate.

Alexander Sigachov

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