[Mediawiki-i18n] Internationalisation news 2006-05-14

Niklas Laxström niklas.laxstrom at gmail.com
Sun May 14 20:18:53 UTC 2006


It has been a busy week again. No new messages got added this week,
but there were some changes. I got most of the plural support done and
renamed members to nmembers for consistency.

I started writing some maintenance scripts I mentioned shortly in the
last news posting. I made an ignore list of messages that should not
be translated. Currently it has the messages shown below, which I
quickly gathered some evening. Suggestions for messages to be added or
removed are welcome.

Latest translation statistics at [1] are created using this ignore
list. Looking at the stats, languages translated over 90% are Id, Cs,
Fi, Ru, De, Pt, Es and Hr. These numbers however don't tell much about
quality. I hope you keep up good quality too!

I also made some scripts to check up for some common problems in
translated messages. Results are at [2]. Currently it lists three
types of problems.
First problem is pretty obvious: missing parameters like $1, $2 and so
on. All of these should be looked carefully and fixed.
Second type of problem is messages translated to empty string or dash
('' or '-'). This may mean (1) missing functionality, (2) that a
message that is in ignore list below is translated, (3) or just
intended behaviour.
Third type of problem is trailing whitespace in messages. All messages
can be edited trough Mediawiki-namespace as wiki pages, and wiki pages
can't have trailing whitespace. Trailing whitespace in messages
confuses Mediawiki software, and should be removed.

Ignore list:

[1] http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Localization_statistics
[2] http://nike.users.idler.fi/dev/problems.txt

Changes to messages in period of 2005-05-08 to 2005-05-14

Plural support:




'exif-pixelxdimension' (spelling mistake)
'filewasdeleted' (now wikitext instead of plaintext)

'members' to 'nmembers' (see above)
Niklas Laxström

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