[Mediawiki-i18n] Internationalization news 2006-06-03

Rotem Liss mail at rotemliss.com
Sat Jun 3 16:59:02 UTC 2006

The list of problems [1] was updated yesterday. The localization 
statistics [2] were updated a minute ago.

[1] http://nike.users.idler.fi/dev/problems.txt
[2] http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Localization_statistics

Changes to messages in the period of 2006-05-22 to 2006-06-03:


    * "autoredirectcomment"
    * "editold"
    * "feed-invalid"
    * "history-feed-title"
    * "history-feed-description"
    * "history-feed-item-nocomment"
    * "history-feed-empty"
    * "licenses" (should not be translated)
    * "wldone"
    * "sp-newimages-showfrom"


    * "gotaccount" – the change is "already got an account" to "already
      have an account", which should not affect most of the translations.
    * "nogomatch" – the parameter $2 was added, to replace $1 in one place.

Renamed and modified:

    * "uploadnewversion" was renamed to "uploadnewversion-linktext", and
      the "[$1 x]" text was changed to "x". It was already changed in
      all the languages.
    * "undeletedtext" was renamed to "undeletedpage", and changed the
      parameter ($1 was originally the page name, but now it is a
      complete link), the "$1 was restored" text is now bold, the text
      was divided into two paragraphs, etc.

#define Name RotemLiss
#define Mail mailSTRUDELrotemlissDOTcom
#define Site www.rotemliss.com

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