[Mediawiki-i18n] Proposal for documenting use cases to show MediaWiki messages

Siebrand Mazeland s.mazeland at xs4all.nl
Sat Jul 15 10:09:29 UTC 2006

Dear all,

I have written a proposal that is online at
http://nike.users.idler.fi/betawiki/User:Siebrand#Use_case_descriptions. It
is also copied here, but because of the many links in it, I recommend
reading it from the link. As far as I can assess, the scope of this proposal
currently does not go outside BetaWiki, as the methods used are not
supported elsewhere.

Feedback is very welcome.



Use case descriptions 
In few, but important, cases during the translation of MediaWiki messages
from English to Dutch I was wondering: where does this message appear? I am
not able to make a proper translating without having seen the context of
this message. 
To solve this problem I have setup a working prototype to assist in 
*	requesting documentation for a MediaWiki message 
*	documenting a MediaWiki message 
*	announcing availability of documentation for a MediaWiki message 
*	grouping available documentation of MediaWiki messages 
*	centralised talk on documentation for MediaWiki messages 

Please read the proposal below and leave feedback. 

Siebrand 15 July 2006, 12.45 (EEST) 

Requesting documentation
A system has been put in place earlier to facilitatie messages being place
on top of each localised page within the MediaWiki namespace. This can be
done by adding text to [[MediaWiki talk:Messagename/info]] I.e. text on this
page will be displayed on top of [[MediaWiki:Messagename/en]],
[[MediaWiki:Messagename/nl]] and all other languages. 
Documentation for a use case can be requested by placing the following text
in [[MediaWiki talk:Messagename/info]]: {{Usecaseneeded|Messagename}}.

An example page of a use case request not filled, can be viewed at

Documenting a message 
Once the template Usecaseneeded has been placed, a message appears on top of
all localisations of that particular message stating: "A use case is
requested for this message. Please document it if you can." A link points to

On this page, the template {{Usecase|Messagename}} should be placed, to mark
the page as a use case. This adds a message on top of the description page
and categorises the page in [[Category:Use cases]]. 

An example page of a use case description can be viewed at

Announce a use case
Once a use case description has been created, the request for a use case is
no longer required. Template [[Template:Usecaseavailable]] has been created
to replace [[Template:Usecaseneeded]] at that time.

Use: {{Usecaseavailable|Messagename}}.

Example: [[MediaWiki_talk:Monday/info]]

Each use case description page should contain [[Template:Usecase]]. This
automatically adds the page it is used on to [[Category:Use cases]]. This
establishes overview, so that a contributor interested in looking at or
editing use cases has easy access.

Use: {{usecase|Messagename}}. 

Example: [[Betawiki:UsecaseMonday]]

Centralised discussion
A discussion page has been instated on [[Betawiki:Usecase]] for facilitating
centralised discussion. 

Pages involved
Below is a list of all pages involved on BetaWiki in this proposal. In case
the proposal would not be accepted, these pages should be deleted to remove
all impact of the demonstration. 
*	BetaWiki:Usecase
*	MediaWiki talk:Monday/info
*	MediaWiki talk:Sunday/info
*	Template:Usecase
*	Template:Usecaseavailable
*	Template:Usecaseneeded

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