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I can't understand from where the fourth option in  D5a. came. At least the
translation "Няма отговор" was not done by me, looks like machine
translation or translated within another context. I don't know from where it
can be changed, but t has to read "Без отговор" or "Не желая да отговоря"

I also think that instead of expecting users to type their nationality and
country of residence - questions D7a. and D7b. Sorry if this is issues has
already been discussed - I admit that I have quite a lot of work recently
and I hardly follow up the whole discussion. So... in my opinion it's much
wiser to add another dropdown menu for the users to choose from. When it
comes to languages with non-Latin writing systems, things may get very
complicated. Many of these users may prefer typing in Latin, rather than in
their alphabet and use different styles and conventions.   For instance, I
can think of at least 20 absolutely plausible strings that Bulgarian users
may enter in D7a (capital letters ignored):

* българин   // Cyrillic, noun, male
* българка   // Cyrillic, noun, female
* българска  // Cyrillic, adjective (female, because the word "nationality"
in Bulgarian is in female gender)
* bulgarin, balgarin, bylgarin, b at lgarin, b_lgarin  // Latin, noun, male
* bulgarka, balgarka, bylgarka, b at lgarka, b_lgarka  // Latin, noun, female
* bulgarska, balgarka, bylgarska, b at lgarska, b_lgarska  // Latin, adjective
* бг
* bg

This is because our letter "ъ" (like in "plum", "enough", "fir") doesn't
have a unique representation. A dropdown menu will solve the problem.

Vassia / user:Spiritia
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