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Mani Pande mpande at wikimedia.org
Mon Apr 11 17:55:12 UTC 2011

Hi Tobias,
We will launch the survey mid next week.

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On 4/11/11 9:59 AM, church.of.emacs.ml wrote:
> Hi. Here's some more feedback:
> * Give the option not to answer more often. If data sets of some users
> become unusable after that, that's fine, don't use them. But don't force
> every single subquestion to be answered
> * Moreover, some mandatory questions don't have a "I don't know/I don't
> want to answer" option. (Q17, Q18, Q27 just to give some examples...)
> * Use an (almost) logarithmic scale instead of a linear one! Currently
> on Q9 you give the options:
>    <1, 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 6-7,>8
>    A better option set would be:
>    <0.5,>0.5,>1,>2,>4,>6
> There are quite some errors in the survey, most of them copy&paste
> errors. Here errors for German:
> * Q8a should be "Ein Handy", not "AEin Handy"
> * D15b2 should be "Ist deine Spende von der Steuer absetzbar?", not "Wie
> oft hast du an die Wikimedia Foundation gespendet?"
> * D19 "Nein, ich war nicht wahlberechtigt", not "Nein, ich war nicht
> wählbar"
> * D13 "Für die Schul- oder Universitätsrecherche, aber nicht, um zu
> zitieren", not "ür die Schul- oder Universitätsrecherche, aber nicht, um
> zu zitieren "
> Any estimate on when the survey is going to start? I want to give a
> heads up at German Wikipedia (for some reason lots of users always want
> to be informed before something happens).
> Regards,
> Tobias
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