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Mon Apr 11 16:59:10 UTC 2011

Hi. Here's some more feedback:

* Give the option not to answer more often. If data sets of some users
become unusable after that, that's fine, don't use them. But don't force
every single subquestion to be answered
* Moreover, some mandatory questions don't have a "I don't know/I don't
want to answer" option. (Q17, Q18, Q27 just to give some examples...)
* Use an (almost) logarithmic scale instead of a linear one! Currently
on Q9 you give the options:
  <1, 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 6-7, >8
  A better option set would be:
  <0.5, >0.5, >1, >2, >4, >6

There are quite some errors in the survey, most of them copy&paste
errors. Here errors for German:
* Q8a should be "Ein Handy", not "AEin Handy"
* D15b2 should be "Ist deine Spende von der Steuer absetzbar?", not "Wie
oft hast du an die Wikimedia Foundation gespendet?"
* D19 "Nein, ich war nicht wahlberechtigt", not "Nein, ich war nicht
* D13 "Für die Schul- oder Universitätsrecherche, aber nicht, um zu
zitieren", not "ür die Schul- oder Universitätsrecherche, aber nicht, um
zu zitieren "

Any estimate on when the survey is going to start? I want to give a
heads up at German Wikipedia (for some reason lots of users always want
to be informed before something happens).


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