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Sat Apr 9 16:23:27 UTC 2011

On 04/09/2011 05:06 PM, Mani Pande wrote:
> Before we launch the survey, we would like to test the non-English
> surveys. I am hoping that some of you would be willing to test the
> survey in your native language. I want to test the survey for  language
> and timing. It will be akin to taking the survey like a respondent, but
> responses from the test will not be saved. We are only looking for your
> feedback to make the survey better. You can click on the following link
> to test the survey:

I'm sorry for bringing this up at such a late point, but I *strongly*
urge you to make questions regarding personal information optional.
Currently information like age, level of education, enrollment in in
school or university, employment, having children, nationality and
gender are *required* in order to go on with the survey.

I can absolutely guarantee for German Wikipedia that there will be an
outcry if users are forced to surrender their personal information in
order to participate. User will either boycott the survey or enter wrong
information, if they dislike it.
German Wikipedians are very keen on privacy and surveys like this one
have been boycotted in the past.

(Just making a tactical suggestion, I'm not saying that all those
concerns by the community are justified)


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