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Eleri James elerijms at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Dec 8 13:42:57 UTC 2010

What will happen when the editor appeals start to be used, if all, or some of them, haven't been translated into a particular language (assuming that the Jimmy appeal letter has been translated and published in that language)?

Will the link from the new central banner (if there is one) go the editor's letter in English, with the rest of the landing page still showing as translated - or will the rest of the page revert to English also? If it is going to revert to English, can we do anything to prevent that happening?

I help with the Swahili translations where the editors are very few, have lots of translation requests of long-term benefit outstanding, and generally cannot react quickly to translation requests owing to the difficulties of communication in East Africa. Realistically therefore, I do not expect more than one editor's appeal will be translated into Swahili.  I would like to put a link to the translation request for the editors' appeals on the community page for Swahili Wikipedia, to see whether any editors there do have the time to translate these. At the same time I would like to be able to explain what will happen if the appeals are not translated - hence the above questions.

I also translate for the Welsh language. The link here (for users in the UK) goes to pages on the MediaWiki UK chapter. Are there any extra complications in the switch from the Jimmy appeal to the editors appeals? Do we need to additional steps? Do we need to request cy versions of each letter, even if they haven't been translated? 

Regards from your puzzled translator,
Eleri James

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