[Translators-l] [Foundation-l] Arabic Wikipedia day(s) -- barnraising joys and results

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Mon Sep 1 00:33:43 UTC 2008

For the record, the day was organized across all of ar.wp , so Arabic
speakers from all around the world participated, there was however two large
teams: the one in Bib. Alex. that Samuel mentioned and one in Cairo in the
Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Marine transport.  As far as I know
there was also some smaller focus groups elsewhere, and a LOT of people on
IRC. And yes there was 685 distinct articles contributed, the goal was 1000
but people are pleased with the 685 result :) .


On Sun, Aug 31, 2008 at 2:04 PM, Florence Devouard <Anthere9 at yahoo.com>wrote:

> Samuel Klein wrote:
> > The Library of Alexandria (and Moushira and Abdel Rahman in particular)
> > helped organize and host an Arabic Wikipedia day yesterday... if I read
> > correctly, people contributed roughly 685 new articles in a day, and
> > 4200 this month (increasing the project size by almost 1% in a day! and
> > 6% this month).  I looked at a selection from today, and nothing seemed
> > scripted, /many/ contributors added new articles, including a number of
> > anons.  And it's good to see that the obligations imposed by the heavier
> > volume is being taken seriously:
> >    http://ar.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D8%A8%D8%A7%D9%84%D9%8A%D8%A7%D9%86
> >    http://www.bibalex.org/english/media/NewsDetails.aspx?NewsID=2278
> >
> > I think Khaled Hosny and EGLUG in Cairo helped put on their own
> > Wikipedia day(s?) earlier in August.  There was certainly discussion of
> > Arabic-language editing drives at Wikimania in Alexandria, but it's
> > pretty awesome to see it taking place -- barnraisings are a good
> > spectator sport (and motivation to practice a new language :-).
> > Congrats to everyone involved, browsing the results made my night.
> >
> > SJ
> > (who heard about the event but forgot during the day, and was reminded
> > by the sitenotice when browsing ar:wp for something quite different...)
> That's wonderful news !
> Regarding participation from the (by large) area of the world, I spent a
>  while being bold on the french wikipedia in the past 2-3 days (active
> deletionnist) and I was very pleased to note the very serious increase
> in articles related to Marrocco. These are not always good ones, lot's
> of stuff on small villages, famous sportmen, actresses etc... but this
> is a very good sign that Wikipedia is now hosting a significant number
> of editors in that country ;-) So, I thought it was very good news.
> Ant
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