[Translators-l] Sitenotice translations for fundraiser

Brion Vibber brion at wikimedia.org
Tue Oct 23 21:44:22 UTC 2007

Hey all,

The fundraising notice, after some tweaks and fixes, is now enabled on
Meta, Commons, and all English-language projects. We're gearing up to
enable it on other languages, but don't want to be throwing too much
English text at people.

Translations for the notice are more centralized this year for a couple

* All projects will get the localized texts (including multilingual
projects like Commons)

* Changes will update more quickly -- we had caching problems before
where some people saw old text or no text days after it was changed. The
new system updates within a few minutes.

Currently a meta admin is required to take the updates live, and a
developer has to enable the notice for a particular site or language.
I'm hoping to clean up that process over the coming days, though.

The headline text on the site notice is available for translation at:


There are a lot of translations for the text that we'll switch in
_later_ to go with the landing page under development:


but we need updates for the *current* text in a lot of languages.

Please test out the site notice as it appears on your wikis like this:

Let me know if your community's ready to turn it on as is.

We're also going to want to see updates for the donation forms. The old
ones on http://wikimediafoundation.org still work, though we're trying
to transition to new ones on http://donate.wikimedia.org/

There's a translation system for that new site which we can set up
accounts for, but I'm not 100% sure how to go about all that yet. :)
It's a learning experience.

We're also trying to get subtitled versions of the video with Jimmy up
within the next few days. Subtitle files in .srt format are preferred; I
can recode the videos from them and upload the new versions as they
become available.

-- brion vibber (brion @ wikimedia.org)

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