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in addition to the following:
- On the wikimedia foundation website, the policy is available in
English and Spanish.
- Translation request is found at:
- If you have no disclaimer in your language yet, see also disclaimer
translation requests at:

The policy affects directly the local project, so it would be nice to
let your community know this news policy on VP, mailinglist etc, not
only putting the translation on the WMF wiki, I suppose.

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The board has now passed its resolution on the media licensing policy,
available now at:

This policy is intended to reflect the principles in the message
posted earlier at
and to make the guidelines for acceptable media licenses clearer
across all projects.

A beginning draft of an FAQ page is on Meta at
http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Licensing_policy_FAQ_draft -- please
add your own questions and suggest answers.

Please pass this information on to your project communities!

Kat Walsh

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