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Hello Sabine,
Thank you for the quick response. I now know what it is about and it will be a good idea to have it.
However I have two q immediately:
1. When I tried to download the file you gave for OmegaT+Java my software decided that such file type does not exist
2. When I tried to download the programme without Java I received a list of 'suppliers' of the programme in different languages (Hungarian excluded) and I don't know what to do with it ! I am in a cul de sac.
When I looked for Java on my computer, to my surprise I could not find it
Oh, one more q: do I just type the address of the chatline on my address line to get to it ? 
Best wishes, kind regards, Louis 

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Hi Louis,
> 1. Is this program applicable to translating into Hungarian ?
> 2. Does it have signifcant advantages ?
It depends from the articles you translate and if you also translate 
- If you translate similar articles where sentences are very similar or 
the same, you will find them translated. One example where I often 
use/used it (I don't have much time lately) is the translation of the 
Calendar pages. With some special segmentation rules (they are easy to 
set - I can help you there) you will find quite a good amount of text 
translated the more you do. Example: there are so many presidents of the 
United States, so many Italian painters, so many German writers, so many 
... so if you have the entry "[[Name of the person]], German writer " 
you will find German writer automatically translated.
- If you translate a page and in a second moment you want to update the 
text with the re-elaborated one from another project you simply use the 
translation memory created with the first version. So all changes show 
up and all that remains equal will become automatically translated or 
the potential translation will be proposed by th software. So you save a 
lot of time by not having to compare the text manually.
> 3. Is it too complicated ?
That depends on what you understand with complicated. Normally after a 
first page you know the basics and then, according to what you want/need 
to translate you learn the specific options. It is not more complicated 
like any other new software. Some people just took the software and 
started with a file and did not even have questions, other people that 
are worrying a bit more about how to do things before they actually do 
them - these are normally the people that need a bit more time.

I wrote an how to for Persian - and that is valid also for any other 

You can find me in several chat-rooms - just giving two of them:

Btw. there is a WikiRead/WikiWrite feature being programmed - for now we 
don't have an exact time scale when it is ready, but I will let you know 
sending an e-mail to the list.

If you have further questions: just contact me by mail, chat or skype 

Have a great evening!

Chiacchiera con i tuoi amici in tempo reale! 
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