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Срд 8 Чер 2016 11:34:53 UTC

Привіт усім

Фонд Вікімедіа проводить опитування щодо бачення спільнотою майбутнього
виконавчого директора Організації. Якщо у Вас є час, прошу заповнити форму:


З повагою,
Наталія Тимків
заступник голови Правління ГО «Вікімедіа Україна»

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Subject: [Wikimedia-l] Community survey to support the WMF ED search starts
right now
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Hello all,

The ED search steering group has been soliciting input for a few weeks, and
while a few people were fairly vocal about what they were looking for in a
new ED, we decided that we needed more input from a broader range of people
and we want to hear more from our emerging communities. To that end, we
have written and published a survey [1] intended to help us both validate
and prioritize the good feedback we have already received.

Our survey is currently open in the top 10 wiki languages. A sample of
editors from various languages have been invited to participate and we are
also sending an invitations to anyone here and through our networks. Please
participate in the survey and help us to shape the new ED’s profile.

On behalf of the ED search steering group


[1] - ED Search Survey:

Alice Wiegand
Board of Trustees
Wikimedia Foundation

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