[Wikimedia-US-MW] Bloomington Wiknic is today

Robert Schnautz schnautzr at hotmail.com
Sat Jun 15 13:08:41 UTC 2013


In case you haven’t heard yet, we’ll be meeting at noon (Eastern Daylight Time) TODAY (Saturday the 15th) on the IU Bloomington campus in the Jordan Avenue garage. From there, we’ll most likely relocate. This is the official Indy-Evansville-Bloomington Wiknic for the year, though anyone is welcome. 

If you join us late, call me at this number (http://imageshack.us/a/img98/5466/text2imagem283192012063.gif) to find out where we’ve relocated to. (Apologies for the link, but it’s a security measure since this is a public list.)

Hint: If you live in Evansville, you can take I-69 most of the way there.

Please bring something edible to share. 

See y’all there,
Bob the Wikipedian
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